URGENT CALL TO ACTION: Letter Writing Campaign

Mid shot of Kyaw Min Yu smiling in white shirt
Kyaw Min Yu (Ko Jimmy). Source: PEN International

PEN International recently condemned the Myanmar military junta’s public declaration they intend to proceed with the execution of author and activist Kyaw Min Yu (also known as Ko Jimmy), who was arrested in 2021 for criticising the military coup in social media posts. Kyaw Min Yu, along with opposition lawmaker Phyo Zeya Thaw, has been sentenced to death for peacefully expressing opposition to the military regime. This is a horrific violation of human rights and freedom of speech, and signifies a frightening escalation of brutality in the regime’s repression of the citizens of Myanmar. PEN International has called for the “immediate and unconditional release of all those wrongfully detained for their peaceful expression.”

You can read more about Kyaw Min Yu in PEN International’s full statement here: https://pen-international.org/news/myanmar-pen-international-condemns-military-juntas-decision-execute-writer

PEN Perth is asking all its members and supporters to write to the Minster for Foreign Affairs and Myanmar’s Ambassador in Australia calling for their support in condemning the use of execution to silence free expression and demanding the release of Kyaw Min Yu and other political prisoners.

We have drafted letters for you to use, available below as downloadable and editable files. You are welcome to alter these to add a personal note about why freedom of expression in Myanmar matters to you. Both postal and email addresses have been provided.

No date has been set for the execution but given the junta’s reputation for secrecy and corrupt judicial processes, we urge you to take action swiftly and encourage others to do so as well.

Please share information about our campaign and the case of Kyaw Min Yu on social media by sharing our posts or creating your own using the hashtags #WhatsHappeningInMyanmar  #KyawMinYu and #Myanmar. Don’t forget to tag @penperth in your posts as well.

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