Our Campaigns

Freedom of Expression

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PEN works for the responsible freedom of expression right around the world. This means maintaining an ability to articulate a perspective without being defamatory, false or malicious. In an era of fake news and with the rise of extremist minorities and governments, PEN Perth is committed to making our public debates forthright, honest and respectful.

Free Press

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A free press is one of our central tenets and affirms the role of writers and journalists to have their say on matters of culture, economics, politics, the environment and religion. PEN Perth works on these matters to support writers at home and abroad who seek a robust free press. We are particularly committed to ensuring writers can work without censorship, sanction and intimidation.

Dictatorship & Democracy

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PEN Perth is concerned with the rise of strong men across the world, from the Philippines to India, Turkey to America. We are committed to supporting writers and journalists in those countries as they are intimidated, jailed and killed for voicing their own perspectives and working towards stable and open democracy.

Citizen Surveillance

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PEN Perth maintains an interest in citizen surveillance by national governments. This includes campaigning for greater transparency and the policing of corruption, maintaining freedom of information, protecting the rights of voters, and ensuring that citizens are able to conduct themselves privately within reasonable bounds.

Big Data

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In the digital era, PEN Perth is active on the issue of personal data use by multinational corporations. This means we hold discussions about the ability of companies to harvest and sell our information for profit and without our consent.


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PEN Perth stands with refugees, asylum seekers and immigrants. We seek to have a balanced and informed public conversation about human rights on this issue.

Writers in Prison

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This is a fundamental tenant of PEN International and what we work hardest for.

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