2021 AGM Minutes

The third Annual General Meeting of PEN Perth was held on 26 August at the Centre for Stories. It was another year of significant activity, helped by our being able to hold face-to-face meetings and events, unlike most PEN centres in the world, including in Sydney and Melbourne. A new committee was elected, with Rania Ghandour and Rita Saggar joining and Robert Wood standing down.

Robbie was the catalyst for the re-formation of a Perth PEN centre and has been a power of energy and ideas. The AGM passed a vote of thanks to him for all he’s done; he will remain involved in PEN Perth activities but now has more time to spend with his young family. The experienced Committee members all hold portfolios and to date we have not found a President. If you could be interested, please feel free to contact any of the Committee members to discuss it; we can guarantee that the Committee is a practical, friendly group whose meetings are restricted to one hour, and it gets important things done!

—Dennis Haskell, PEN Perth Secretary

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